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Seafood sur-prize recipe

Seafood sur-prize - recipe for disaster!

Seafood sur-prize!

Recipe competitions, often found in food magazines and online, offer you a chance to put your creative talents to use, and perhaps win a prize.

Compared with free draws and simple factual competitions, tasks such as devising recipes, designing gardens, growing seeds and photography competitions, attract fewer entries. Should you have a flair for any of these activities, then go for it. You’ve nothing to lose but a little time.

Christine, a friend of mine, spent ages devising a recipe. She read the rules, followed the criteria to the letter and posted her entry just days before the closing date. After posting it, she then decided to treat her family and served up her ‘Seafood Surprise’ for dinner.

The name was apt, for it certainly surprised them all. It tasted ghastly. She was horrified. Being an enthusiastic comper, who never gives up easily, she consigned her dish to the waste bin and started again.

This time she tested the recipe on her brave and tolerant family. It was delicious. Feeling quietly confident she’d cooked up a winner, she posted another entry for a different recipe and waited for the results.

The phone rang. "You've won the recipe competition for our store", said the delighted Manager.

Excitement mounting, she approached the supermarket manager’s office to receive her prize shopping vouchers and her award for ‘best recipe for this store’.

“Every store winner will go through to the national final,” revealed the manager, “and, to give our staff a treat, we’ve decided to serve up your recipe in our staff restaurant.”

“Would you like to join us for lunch that day?” he invited, “you’d be most welcome."

She was just about to say, “Yes please,” when he added, “Seafood Surprise sounds mouth-watering. We can’t wait to try it.”

Muttering her apologies, she thanked the manager and beat a hasty retreat for the door. It was several months before she dared venture in there again and to this day, she never discovered what the staff thought of their ‘Seafood Surprise’.

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