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Entering competitions may give you a chance to enjoy experiences you wouldn’t normally be able to try, thanks to this wonderful pastime.

I had a fantastic day out and all because I won ‘an audition’ to stand in for the weatherman on Granada TV’s This Morning programme.

Although, when the alarm clock went off in the early hours of a freezing cold and dark wintry March morning and faced with the prospect of a four-hour journey to Liverpool’s Albert Docks, with my friend Jane, I wasn’t quite sure ‘weather’ or not this was such a ‘bright’ idea.

The competition was organised in conjunction with Granada Television and a national newspaper. The task was to complete the limerick.

A number of entrants were to be selected for audition on the Albert Dock weather map, from which ten would be chosen to stay overnight in Liverpool, returning next morning for a second audition. From these ten, five winners would be selected, who would each read the weather for one morning, whilst the weatherman was on holiday.

Fifty of us turned up for audition. What a marvellous day it was. Any misapprehensions about leaping from Scotland to Northern Ireland, soon disappeared as Jane and I went into the studio with the other hopefuls.

We were greeted warmly by members of the Granada Television staff and over cups of coffee, discussed the morning’s programme. We were told to dress in bright colours, and there I was sporting my winning Ramsey Street sweatshirt, with its brightly coloured houses. I always knew it would come in handy. However, compared with some of the outfits, this was anything but bright. For those of you watching the programme, you couldn’t fail to see the outstanding red and yellow duck umbrella, the tiger, nor the brave man in his kilt playing the bagpipes. We had a whale of a time, and the atmosphere was terrific.

Fifty of us standing on the floating weather map, ready to go out live to three million people. We didn’t need a weather forecast. We could feel the flurries of sleet and our numb fingers were blue with cold. But the smiles were warm, the coffee hot and the day was fun.

At the prize announcement, the producer came and thanked everyone for attending and couldn’t emphasize enough how impressed he was with the marvellous atmosphere, the shouts of encouragement and general camaraderie of competitors. He revealed 3,200 people had entered the competition from which fifty of us had been selected. Even though I wasn’t the overall winner, it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed.

I thought, quite wrongly, that because it was a competition, most of the people there would be “compers.” Chatting to a few, I discovered people had entered for a variety of reasons, ranging from “dares”; “always wanted to appear on TV": “thought it would be fun” to “my friend entered my name”.

Whatever your reasons for entering competitions, one thing is for use. It’s an exciting and fun pastime, so go on. Enter a few comps!

This feature was written by Lynne Suzanne in 2002.

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